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We're originating a new age restoring functional anatomy with courage, leadership, and scientific drive.
Abstracted visualization of an ear forming from globular cells

What if We Could Heal Ourselves?

Global leaders in human tissue origination

We're building a new age of medicine—starting with our own cells and tissues, designed not only to reflect a part of ourselves, but to make our bodies whole, functional, and healthy. Our lead product, AUR-201, a human ear replacement built from an autologous cell line and designed to reflect the evolutionary beauty, adaptability, and complexity of human biology, is currently entering clinical trials for microtia, an ultra-rare congenital disorder with limited treatment options.

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Living Solutions for Devastating Conditions

What if We Could Replace the Parts of Our Bodies We've Lost to Disease, Accident, or Genetics?

Life-threatening conditions like heart disease or cancer, serious and life-limiting injuries, and devastating congenital conditions may be characterized by irreversible tissue losses, inaccessible to current approaches. Until now. At Auregen, we've spent over a decade exploring ingenious new processes and technologies to replace missing or lost tissue, with the goal of restoring human bodies to their original form—free from disease, disfigurement, and limitations to embrace the promise of health and humanity.

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