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Body Born
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Our proprietary BioFoundry of regenerative tissue origination technologies addresses diseases inaccessible to existing approaches—and sets the standard for tissue biofabrication.

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Living Solutions for Inaccessible Conditions

Powered by the body's innate ability to heal

Our BioFoundry combines mechanical integrity, cell functionality, and precision biomanufacturing to address currently inaccessible conditions, with potentially broad application across multiple organ systems. Through its autologous design, our approach replaces dysfunctional tissues and reduces the potential for complications, as well as dependence on single donor supply, reflecting deep evolutionary processes that bring form, function, and beauty for realistic, viable, and humanistic tissue replacement. The BioFoundry sets the standard for tissue biofabrication and operationalizes the revolutionary potential of human tissue origination—living solutions to the world's most difficult diseases.


Originating a New Age of Medicine

What's lost can be found, what's broken, replaced, and what never was now can be. Our approach to tissue origination has the potential to redefine medicine—and each individual's ability not only to heal, but to live their lives to the fullest.

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Addressing diseases inaccessible to existing approaches

We're driving solutions for medically unmet needs across serious conditions where current approaches are not optimal, including microtia, a devastating pediatric condition with far-reaching physical and emotional sequelae.

Pursuing never-before-dreamed-of science

Our science reflects the beauty and intricacy of human biology to deliver superior tissue biofabrication solutions for a wide range of potentially life-changing applications.

Discovering solutions—and success

We're working to change the way serious conditions are addressed through powerful new approaches to human healing—and human possibility. That's why we've created an environment that encourages collaboration, agility, and precision.

Visionary focus on human health

Our diverse team consists of world-leading talent that's driving the next generation of human tissue origination. We're not just imagining the future—we're originating it.

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Manufacturing & Technology

Setting the standard for tissue biofabrication to operationalize the revolutionary potential of human tissue origination for a wide range of first-ever therapeutic applications

Our tissue origination science reflects the intricacy, intimacy, and beauty of human biology—and of the human body. Through rigorous standards that have been developed to reduce rejection risk and dependence on a single donor supply, our modular biomanufacturing and logistics workflow integrates advanced, end-to-end cell system in a GMP environment.


We Make Body Parts

What we do could be mistaken for science fiction. But with a lot more science—and a lot less fiction. From our beginning over a decade ago, we wanted not just to create medical therapies, but originate true solutions, for people who needed them most. We weren't looking for incremental change. We wanted to change the future of medicine. And with it, the potential that each of us has—to heal ourselves and to become whole again.

No other company has advanced the science of human tissue origination as far as we have. Our transformational lead product, AUR-201, has the potential to bring about a life-changing, life-long solutions for people and families facing the challenges of microtia. And we won't stop there. We're exploring even more ways to restore the bodies of people who face devastating diseases, serious accidents, and genetic conditions.

Abstracted visualization of a heart forming from globular cells
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Honoring the complexity and beauty of biology

Our approach to serious conditions reflects the evolutionary processes of our shared biological heritage—for life-long solutions that are also the most life-like, the most durable, and the best reflection of our humanity.

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Expanding the boundaries of science

We are not only developing medical advances; we are seeking to unleash each person's innate ability to heal. There is no greater challenge—and no greater calling.

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Creating a culture of "how?"

Everyday, we're pursuing one of the most exciting areas of medicine—one that begins with human potential and is powered by our own biology. Our culture is based on agility, precision, and a drive to achieve.

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Ingenious solutions—from world-leading talent

Each Auregenator brings a powerful, motivated intelligence characterized by the unique ability to not only ask questions—but to find answers.

Ultra-Rare Focus

Pursuing a Groundbreaking Advance in Microtia

AUR-201: Potential for significantly superior outcomes in microtia, a devastating congenital disease with significant unmet need

Microtia is an ultra-rare congenital condition, impacting approximately 800 newborns every year in the US, where the external ear is small and not fully formed—or does not exist at all, causing hearing loss in many patients, as well as psychosocial consequences. AUR-201, our lead program in microtia, features auricle elevation achieved via wedge for optimized tissue integration and “natural” ear positioning to best reflect the natural ear's evolution, biology, and beauty.

Side profile photo of a person's head with a line drawing over the ear

A significant clinical challenge

Microtia results in extensive, life-long physical, psychological, and emotional challenges for patients, caregivers, and families—especially during childhood.

Suboptimal SOC outcomes

Current standard of care for microtia, including rib carving and polymer implant, can present significant risk, repetitive surgical procedures, and irreversible adverse events.

AUR-201: designed for superior outcomes in microtia

Potential best-in-class 3D biofabrication (auricle and wedge) composed of autologous auricular chondrocytes and biocompatible, resorbable biopolymers that reflects the complexity and beauty of human evolutionary biology.

Mirroring the body's natural growth processes

AUR-201 produces native collagen in situ, mirroring the body's natural growth processes; additionally, the product can be customized for the ear's complex shape and unique mechanical properties.

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