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Discover Your Way Forward

At Auregen, you'll not only build a career, you'll help introduce a new age of human medicine—and human potential.


At Auregen, your mission will not come with instructions. There will be no roadmap. No "standard operating procedures." Because the medicine we are pursuing has never existed before, and, until now, has lived only in our collective imagination: the ability to heal our own bodies, regrowing parts of ourselves we've lost to disease, accident, or genetics. At Auregen, you will play a critical role in bringing this new medicine to life. Everyday, all of us at Auregen discover a new way forward, towards the direction of lasting promise, human potential, and infinite possibility.

And each day we work together reveals new knowledge—and new progress towards true and durable solutions. Human tissue origination demands the most ingenious technologies, visionary science, and life science leadership to help bring the incredible promise of our science to reality. That's why working at Auregen is for people with a deep commitment to the future of medicine, whose work, approach, and drive is an extension of themselves. If you can imagine a future where we can replace the parts of ourselves that we've lost, then imagine what we can do working together.

Our culture is driven by courage and intent—all in an environment that creates the space to succeed, together.

The People of Auregen

Katharina Cooper
Senior Scientists, Manufacturing Technologies

“I am excited to be part of a team working on innovative solutions to improve healthcare options and positively impact people’s lives.”

Benjamin Kessel
Development Scientist

"Auregen is the perfect place to be. Here I can apply my scientific skillset to contribute to the development of an exciting new technology with tangible benefits for the society. It is amazing to see these personalized, 3D bioprinted constructs transform into new cartilage tissue. Native cartilage tissue—made by the patient’s own cells!"

Kristina Poselenova
Sr. Associate Scientist

“I believe in our science and what we’re doing is like nothing else. No other company brings the innovative science and aesthetic sensibility like we can.”

What We Believe

Dedicated to a New Era of Human Healing

Our goal is to restore patients to their most functional form—free from disease, disfigurement, and limitations to live whole lives in whole bodies.

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Open to what's possible

Our approach to tissue origination can unlock life-long solutions for life-limiting conditions. Our culture of openness, dialogue, and rigor drives our achievements, and opens the limitless potential of our science.

Drafting compass line drawing

Precision defines human biology—and our way of working

The human body is a source of intricate perfection; precision is the force that guides our approach, our science, and our mission to create the most life-like human tissue and unlock each person's healing potential.

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Genuine people
Real-life science

Our people, and our science, set the standard for tissue origination, and our efforts to create human tissue indistinguishable from naturally occurring organs drive every aspect of our work.

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Agility means surprising solutions—and lasting results

Agility is more than speed. It's what defines us—a mental elegance that discovers new efficiencies for patients in need, all driven by the goal of redefining human health.

Current Openings

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Auregen is an equal opportunity employer and strictly prohibits unlawful discrimination based upon an individual’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin/ancestry, age, mental/physical disability, medical condition, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.